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The Prius

Postby Harness » Tue Mar 16, 2010 8:55 pm

This is a good discussion and want to talk more about it, just not in the random video thread.

Chips wrote:

Good stuff man. Im gonna forward this to the instructor in a recent advanced ABS seminar I went to. I read car and driver alot but I missed this article. Personally, I have experienced customers with stuck throttle for reasons outside the Toyota thing that have nuked their brakes before they could stop at highway speeds. Im not about to discredit something published in car and driver so I would have to say that my instances are isolated.

Jif wrote:i know the recall brake issue but this guy's shady. he didnt listen after the 911 operator told him to put the car in neutral and actually accelerated instead. toyota already said he's lying, none of his story made any sense and no one could duplicate the issue...also the guy is like $700k in debt...

From experience these cars arent that easy to put into neutral. I not going to defend this guy. He seems shady to me as well and anyone driving their vehicle should understand it fully before they drive but when your in drive you have to hold the shifter in neutral for 2-3 seconds before it engages. It is not the standard shifter weve all been used to for years and years. It always returns to the same "B" position when you select drive or reverse. Park is a button and not even on the shifter assembly (see pic).

Tex wrote:Not debating the validitiy of this guy's claim, but I don't know if Prius are push button start, but I am guessing they are. They have just recently come up with a new safer push to start that most manufacturers are emplying now, that allows you to shut off the car by holding the button for 2 seconds or something. Previously you could only shut it off in Park I believe.

Every Pruis that ive worked on already had this feature. I dont know when it was implemented but just today I had a 2008 that shut off by pressing and holding the push to start. People just dont know that they have to press and hold it to shut it off so again its their fault for not understanding their vehicle. That dosent clear Toyota of responsibility but raises the queston, would you drive around in a 20,000 dollar machine you dont fully understand how to operate?

I honestly dont know what to think about this guys claim. All other manufacturers have a fail safe that cuts the throttle if both the gas and the brake are pressed at the same time. There have been to many people that have sped out of control for me to say that these accidents could have been avoided by mashing the brake pedal harder than they may have. Theres something else going on here that I personally feel Toyota dosent know how to fix it. They should do a better job of educating their customers on how to understand the functions of their vehicles.

Until everything develops about this problem Toyota is having, you have to give this guy the benefit of the doubt. Especially since his front brakes took heat damage and the vehicle recorder (black box in airplane terms) recorded him both stepping on the brake and pumping the gas. This says that he did try to stop the car, he did try to "unstick" the throttle and he nuked his brakes doing it.

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