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Re: Fantasy Football League Discussion

Postby Darkfoxx » Thu Jan 08, 2015 9:37 am

Harness wrote:If there was a rule change, I would agree with something like this, but still.... this reminds me of beer pong. Lets make up a bunch of silly rules to over complicate something that is equally fun and challenging without all of the hoops to jump through.

I tend to agree.

Jif wrote:I have 1 main problem with the current keeper rules: there is absolutely no cost associated to our keepers. This means if keeper eligibility is being drafted in round 4 or later then next year everyone gets a de facto free round 4+ pick (because they count as last round). There's absolutely no strategy to that. They don't cost anything to keep. A keeper is only worth something if you have to give something up to obtain him. Forcing him to be the draft pick from last year means if you find a diamond in the rough in round 8 then you get him next year in round 8, which is a bargain. If you hit a home run on an undrafted FA you get rewarded by being able to keep him as your last round pick. You found him and drafted him before anyone else, so you get the prize in the bottom of the box. Or we can adjust UFA to count as 5th or 10th or 12th or whatever else.

I don't mind having to take the keeper in whichever round they were originally drafted. The point of the keeper system, as least to me, is having a guaranteed "good" player on your team. If I can get a Ty Hilton as a guaranteed pick in the 10th round, then I think that's totally worth it. Getting an Andrew Luck for free in the last round is what makes the current system a bit flawed. Now, getting Luck in the 5th round...well, now that makes it a bit interesting! Do you want to gamble and try to get him earlier and not take him as your keeper? You could draft a pretty decent player in the 5th round instead...

If it was an undrafted FA, I think the last round is fitting. You should be rewarded for finding a diamond in the rough. It doesn't matter if a player was a stud the year prior....shit changes. Look at some of the keepers this year: Zac Stacy, Jordan Cameron, Ben Tate, Toby Gerhart.....hell, even Foles. Can't predict injuries or players sucking donkey nuts.

Good discussion gents, keep it going. :thumbsup:

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