Fantasy Football 2019

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Fantasy Football 2019

Postby Darkfoxx » Sun Jun 30, 2019 4:53 pm

Back for another year of mediocrity and humiliation! :thumbsup: :drink:

We're using PayPal yet again this season to handle funds because Yahoo's Cash League is still a piece of fucking shit. $20 will be needed from each manager. The payment deadline is Wednesday, August 28th. To pay, simply PayPal me $20:

List of who has paid (manually updated): ... 7/finances

Draft is Wednesday, September 4th @ 8:00 pm EDT. The first NFL game of the season is on Thursday, September 5th.

You have until Wednesday August 28th at 3:00am EDT to select your keeper. Please do it before then to avoid issues. People who select after the deadline will be ridiculed and laughed at...and more importantly, their keeper will be assigned by me. I'll show no mercy.

Keeper guidelines:
What round was the player drafted in? Was he a keeper last year?
If you can answer "4th round or later" and "no" to these two questions, then that player is eligible. Simple as that. Ask if you have questions!

You can choose a player on your team that was undrafted. If you have a player on your team that was drafted by another team and then dropped, they must be from the 4th round or later.

If you still don't know who you can choose, ask me and I'll give you a list.

Set keeper in My Team > Choose Keepers.

Previous year's draft info (use to determine keeper):
Final roster: ... lastseason
Draft results: ... aftresults

Players drafted in Round 14 are not eligible, as they were keepers last year. If you take a look at your final roster, just throw out any players that have Round 1, 2, 3, and 14 as their 2018 Draft Position and you will be left with the players who are eligible as a keeper player.

For example, the Keeper-eligible players on my team for 2019 are:
Drew Brees
Nick Chubb
Jaylen Samuels
Phillip Lindsay
Tyler Boyd
Chris Carson
Kalen Ballage
Justin Tucker
Derrius Guice

Invites sent to:
HUNGRY DOG (Scott) somnambul33tor -at-
Hookers and Blow (Dave) carvsdriver -at-
Schmo and Cows (Reid) reid.edwards -at-
RGC (Zack) zacksills -at-
Slack Jawed Yokels (Sean) jumjamapop -at-
the ball breakers (Matt) mkeenan8411 -at-
TheRapists (Mac) abreviu -at-
Very inTimidating (Tim) cinos256 -at-
Slurpy Burps! (Cary) justincc87 -at-

Prize Distribution:
Prizes will be awarded to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place players. Prize money will be dispersed via PayPal.

1st = $120
2nd = $60
3rd = $20

This year's changes:

1. New defensive scoring scheme was voted in. The new system will be used this season.
2. Trade deadline will be extended by 2 weeks (week 12), since more than 50% wanted to change it to at least 2 weeks.


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Posts: 9666
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Re: Fantasy Football 2019

Postby Darkfoxx » Thu Aug 29, 2019 10:06 am

Draft order:

1. Ball breakers
2. RGC
3. Yokels
4. Grumbs
5. The rapists
6. Slurpy (now Windows blah blah)
7. Tim
8. Schmo and cows
9. Foxx Force
10. Hookers and blow


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