WTS Core2Quad Q6700 and some DDR2 RAM

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WTS Core2Quad Q6700 and some DDR2 RAM

Postby Jif » Wed Apr 14, 2010 12:18 am

i have 8GB DDR2 RAM, 2 different 2x2GB kits
a Q6700 CPU which probably works
a premium LGA775 x38 motherboard that probably doesnt

pretty sure i broke the motherboard when i was drunk but there's no reason the CPU shouldnt still be OK. i have no way of testing it. i put some gouge marks into the back near the northbridge chipset after reseating the CPU. since im using the same PSU in my new system, it's most likely a damaged motherboard causing it not to POST.

CPU is $125 shipped. It's the exact same chip as Q6600. stock speed is 2.66ghz, or 10x266. it ran at 9x400 and 10x360 for its entire life and rarely ever went above 50 C. CPU DOES NOT INCLUDE HEATSINK/FAN (i sold it long ago)

mobo is costs a 12 pack to anyone who wants it at clan meet or $25 shipped if anyone wants it now. maybe you can retrace the leads or something to fix it. beyond my expertise. it's an Asus Maximus Formula x38 board designed for overclocking. was the best motherboard i ever had. completely rock solid stable, not a single issue even running heavily OCed. oh, it doesnt include the back plate or the sound karajan since i bought it open box and never got them myself. there's probably more than $25 worth of copperon this thing...

1 4GB kit, 2 x 2GB G.Skill F2-8500CL6D-4GBNQ PC2-8500, cas 6 with aluminum heat spreaders. lifetime warranty and never been OCed since they are specced higher than my CPU was OCed. solid RAM. $65 shipped. this exact model

1 4GB kit, 2x2GB OCZ Reaper OCZ2RPR800C44GK pc2-6400, cas 4 with aluminum heat spreaders and copper heatpipes. these were awesome chips. these are twice the height of normal RAM because of the heatpipes. $55 shipped. this exact model

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