Second American Revolution

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Second American Revolution

Postby Centari » Tue Mar 31, 2009 11:14 pm

This guy has some legitimate points.

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Postby Jif » Wed Apr 01, 2009 12:12 pm

this has been on youtube for a while. theres a few different vids

oh yea...
these vids follow along the grass-roots Constitutional movement against the current administration. there have been dozens of tea parties across the country over the last month. these are completely bipartison. theyre not anti-democrat or pro-R; they promote fiscal responsibility and are against almost every single thing the current president hasw done or said. many are Ds that voted for him and now realize how radical he is.

these tea parties are not being reported in the main stream media b/c it goes against their agendas. meanwhile, these are happening every weekend across the countries with thousands of people each at some of these rallies. normal everyday people are really coming together on their own b/c theyre sick of this outrageous spending and socialist programs. theyre sick of paying their mortgages and car payments and then paying for the portgages and car payments of people who shouldnt have been approved in the 1st place.

these tea parties are taking place everywhere from deep red states to hugely lib cities like philly and chicago. across the nation, people are fed up and theyre not gonna take any more of this complete side-stepping of the Constitution.

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